Bolivia - Floripondio: Anaerobic Washed, Yellow Caturra

Red apple, caramel, assam tea.


Red apple, caramel, assam tea.

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Floripondio has been growing coffee since 2014 and experimenting with many varieties and processes. Each coffee we have roasted over the years from Floripondio is unique and this Anaerobic Washed Yellow Caturra is no different. Expect an elegant cup with a terrific depth of flavour.

This Yellow Caturra from Floripondio is packaged in our Bolivian bag as part of our Artist Origin Project. The Artist Origin Project is a collaborative initiative where artists from coffee producing countries are invited to create bespoke artwork for 3fe. Our first Bolivian origin bag has been designed by Bolivia artist, Alejandra Salvatierra.

  1. Farm: Floripondio
  2. Country: Bolivia
  3. Altitude: 1,900 - 2,100 masl
  4. Variety: Yellow Caturra
  5. Process: Anaerobic Washed