IRFU Blend IRFU Blend

IRFU Blend

The Official Coffee of Irish Rugby


The Official Coffee of Irish Rugby

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You can now brew the same coffee that keeps the Irish Rugby teams ticking.

As the Official Coffee supplier to Irish Rugby we have been roasting quite a lot of coffee to keep the teams going over years, so much so that we developed our newest blend especially for Irish Rugby. This blend aims to give everything that Irish Rugby needs in a coffee, The IRFU Blend is full bodied, with a perfect balance of chocolatey sweetness and a vibrant finish.

1/3 El Salvador - Mamatita: Washed, Bourbon
1/3 Guatemala - El Mirador: Washed,Mixed varieties
1/3 Nicaragua - El Limoncillo: Natural,Bourbon

While components are subject to change, the target flavour profile of The IRFU Blend remains constant: Fruity, chocolatey, nutty.

Suitable for all brewing methods