Colombia - Buena Vista: Washed, Caturra

Green apple, elderflower, toffee.


Green apple, elderflower, toffee.

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Edier Perdomo is a young farmer in the Huila region of Colombia. He comes from a long line of coffee farmers but has been the first in the family to grow for the specialty market. This has led to choices such as keeping the more traditional caturra variety, which this coffee is, when many of his peers and family members are replanting lower quality disease resistant varieties.

"Edier is someone we have been working with for a number of years, but only now are we able to try and solidify the relationship trying different lots from him and different pickings and building on those early building blocks of the relationship. His enthusiasm and knowledge is only exceeded by his motivation to improve his farm and coffees, constantly cupping his own coffees and investing time and energy into the processing and accessing the changes in the cup. It's our aim to work more closely in the future with him, and we look forward to sharing some unique varietals and days picking with you in the coming months."

- Stephen Leighton, 3fe Green Buyer

  1. Farm: Finca Buena Vista
  2. Country: Colombia
  3. Producer: Edier Perdomo
  4. Altitude: 1,700 m.a.s.l.
  5. Variety: Caturra
  6. Process: Washed

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