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Aeropress Go

The new portable version of the world famous Aeropress coffee maker


The new portable version of the world famous Aeropress coffee maker

Made for the Outdoors

The AeroPress Go could very well be the ultimate portable brewing solution. Seamlessly combining compact design, convenience, and amazing tasting brews. Purpose-built for the modern explorer, the AeroPress Go ensures you can enjoy a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee no matter where your adventures take you. The Go maintains the innovative brewing technology of its predecessor while introducing a travel-friendly form. The compact design includes a mug with a lid that doubles as a travel case, making it the perfect companion for camping trips, hikes, or those hectic mornings when time is of the essence.

Like the Original
The AeroPress Go follows the same immersion brewing principle that has made its predecessor a favorite among coffee lovers. Immerse the coffee grounds in hot water, and witness the magic unfold as flavors are extracted at an optimal temperature, resulting in a smooth and robust cup of coffee that stands out, even in the most demanding environments.

Versatility is key with the AeroPress Go. Whether you're a coffee purist or enjoy experimenting with different brewing techniques, this portable wonder accommodates all preferences. Use the standard method for a quick and intense brew, or try the inverted method for a more controlled extraction. With the AeroPress Go, you're not just brewing coffee; you're crafting a personalized coffee experience tailored to your taste.


Compact, lightweight, and durable, the AeroPress Go is tailor-made for those who refuse to compromise on their coffee, even when on the move. Say goodbye to bulky coffee equipment and hello to the simplicity of the AeroPress Go, where a great cup of coffee is always within reach.

Cleaning Up

Like all the Aeropress products, the Aeropress Go is not messy at all. Less cleaning means you can enjoy your coffee without the hassle. Embrace the freedom to brew exceptional coffee anywhere, anytime, with the AeroPress Go – because great coffee should be as mobile as you are. Elevate your coffee experience wherever you are with the AeroPress Go.

Check out our Aeropress brew guide to find out how we prepare and brew with the Aeropress Go.


  1. AeroPress mug with lid
  2. 100 Paper Filters, with filter holder
  3. Stirrer
  4. Scoop