Wilfa Classic Tall Coffee Maker

Suitable for homes or small offices


Suitable for homes or small offices

The Wilfa Classic Tall Coffee Maker efficiently produces 1-10 cups of coffee in just 4-6 minutes, offering a simple yet efficient brewing experience. This compact coffee maker from Wilfa caters to all coffee enthusiasts. The intelligent maintenance features not only prompt you to clean the device but also aid in power conservation and prevent drips on the hot plate.

The Wilfa Classic Tall coffee maker brews coffee within the optimal temperature range of 92 to 96 degrees, to encourage the development of rich flavors. This temperature is achieved simply by activating the machine. The hot plate maintains the coffee at an optimal temperature for up to 40 minutes, which then automatically turns itself off with the auto-stop feature.

The Wilfa Classic Tall has a capacity of 1.25 liters, ideal for any shared space. The intelligent manual drip-stop feature offers efficiency and control, enabling you to determine the speed at which water flows through the filter. This ensures a consistently perfect cup of coffee, whether you're brewing one cup or ten cups.

The Tall Classic has a 1.25 litre of water tank, making it suitable for homes or small offices.

*Filter Papers are not included

  1. 1550W brewing element
  2. Removable filter holder with manual drip stopper
  3. Cleaning indicator
  4. 1.25 litre water tank
  5. Power saving mode