Rwanda - Buf Remera: Natural, Red Bourbon

Pomegranate, pinot noir, brown sugar.


Pomegranate, pinot noir, brown sugar.

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This Natural process Red Bourbon comes from Buf Cafe's Remera washing station and is fantastic juxtaposition to the Washed Red Bourbon from Buf's Nyarusiza washing station.

Buf Café owns a number of coffee washing stations as well as its own coffee trees, and buys coffee cherries from as many as 264 surrounding smallholder farmers and three local cooperatives. Buf has very strong links with the local communities that supply it, providing jobs for 116 at Nyarusiza during peak harvest (May - June/July) and 9 permanent positions. A further 127 people are employed at Remera during harvest, with 10 permanent positions.

We're always huge fans of Rwandan coffees and are so happy to have two coffees from Buf on our list so far this year. This is a particularly delicate natural coffee, with a boozy hint and a big fruity sweetness.

  • Country: Rwanda
  • Farm: Buf Remera
  • Region: Kamegeri Sector
  • Variety: Red Bourbon
  • Process: Natural