Nicaragua - Los Placeres: Anaerobic Natural, Ethiosar 125g

Passion Fruit, Dried Pineapple, Canelé.


Passion Fruit, Dried Pineapple, Canelé.

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Available at 9am on 03/09/2021

This anaerobic natural was the highlight of this year's Los Favoritos auction, scoring an eye-watering 90.3, in a blind test by industry leaders. This is perhaps the most well-balanced coffee we have had the pleasure of roasting. This Ethiosar from the Mieresch family has a perfect balance of creamy mouthfeel, juicy sweetness and sparkling acidity.

As we were lucky enough to snap up this whole lot, Los Placeres: Anaerobic Natural, Ethiosar is exclusively available to 3fe.

The Los Favoritos auction is a tool the Mieresch family use to promote the very best lots from their farm collection to showcase unique and special lots. It is run in cooperation with the Alliance for coffee excellence, the same platform that the cup of excellence coffee program is run on. Using the same cupping protocols and judging systems and rules, this blind cupping system finds the very best coffees without bias of farm, process or varietal. All coffee are judged by industry leaders who have many years of experience in green coffee grading with sample numbers and no more information. All results are audited to make sure the ultimate transparency and fair play to make sure you truly find the very best coffee from the samples.

The Natural Anaerobic Low Temperature Process is a way of slowing down the fermentation process have have better control of where the coffee should be developed. It is done by removing sunlight using barrels and controlling the temperature (in this case in a giant walk in refrigerator). Ethiosar is a varietal that thrives at low altitudes and is leaf rust resistant and very high yielding. Combining this varietal with this process has produced something unique and quite surprising. The farm its self is of an average elevation for Nicaragua, by combining the varietal with the process and the skill of the Mierisch family and their attention to detail on cupping day pickings and experimentation has yielded one of the most outstanding cups of coffee to come out of Nicaragua. Getting the most out of the land and understanding what is possible with a mixture of work and science.

  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Farm: Los Placeres
  • Process: Anaerobic Natural
  • Altitude: 800 - 1,000 masl
  • Variety: Ethiosar

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