Nicaragua - Los Milagros: Washed, Caturra

Orange, caramel, white grape.


Orange, caramel, white grape.

The first Nicaraguan coffee of the season comes from the Mierisch family at their Milagros farm in Jinotega. It's a fairly large farm at 43 hectares, and is managed by Leonel Ochoa Monje. As with all of the coffees from Fincas Mierisch, it is expertly processed, leading to a balanced, clean coffee with loads of sweetness and acidity.

  • Coffee Info
  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Region: Jinotega
  • Farm Name: Los Milagros
  • Farm Owner: Erwin Mierisch
  • Elevation: 1100 - 1400 masl
  • Coffee Variety: Caturra
  • Processing Type: Washed
  • Number of years partnership: 5 years