Indonesia - Gayo Mountain: Washed, S-Line and Catimor

Strawberry syrup, vanilla, fudge.


Strawberry syrup, vanilla, fudge.

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Grown and processed in the Takengon Mountains of Sumatra, Gayo Mountain is one of the finest examples of Indonesian coffee we have come across. Produced by Iwan Putra who processes coffee from local farmers as well as his family farm, his passion and attention to detail is evident in this remarkable Sumatran coffee.

Steve Leighton's Notes:

"Indonesian can be a dirty word in the specialty coffee world and in many cases, for good reason. So, when I find a super coffee like this I’m so excited to change people's minds and share it with you all. A lot of coffee from this region is dirty, baggy and not clean. But it's wrong to judge a whole growing region by a stereotype, and I’m super excited and happy to add to the diversity of our coffee offering and flavour profile to you, and rest assured I’m searching for more gems like this all the time."

  • Country: Indonesia
  • Region: Sumatra
  • Owner: Iwannitosa Putra
  • Altitude: 1,200 - 1,600 asl
  • Variety: Line S and Catimor
  • Process: Washed

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