Honduras - Cerro Azul: Natural, Longberry

Blackberry, caramel, negroni.


Blackberry, caramel, negroni.

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Cerro Azul has been farmed on since 2011 by the Mierisch family. The family are responsible for many exceptional Honduran coffees from various farms that we get in. Year on year, the results from Cerro Azul have consistently gotten better and better. So this year we have added a second coffee from Cerro Azul to our list, this naturally processed Longberry. We love this sweet, funky coffee and think you will too.

Country: Honduras
Farm: Cerro Azul
Owners: The Mierisch family
Area: 135 hectares
Elevation: 1,450–1,900 m.a.s.l.
Varietal: Longberry
Processing method: Natural