Hario - Electric Buono Kettle

The beloved Hario Buono kettle, now electric!


The beloved Hario Buono kettle, now electric!

The Hario Buono V60 electric kettle is extremely easy to use and the perfect addition to your brewing kit. It has a plastic handle and 0.8 water capacity, which heats up to the boiling point in just a few minutes. The kettle also offers a 360 degree cordless rotation with the power cord stored under the base of the kettle. Thanks to its profiled spout, provides full control of pouring, so you have influence on the pace and direction of water stream. The kettle features and auto off function when it has reached a boil and will switch off by itself automatically if you have accidentally switched on an empty kettle.

  1. Water Capacity of 0.8 litres
  2. Cordless 360 degrees design
  3. Precise Spout
  4. Only 1 switch to turn it on
  5. Auto Power Off when the water is boiled
  6. Auto Power Off if the kettle is empty
  7. EU standard plug