Guatemala - El Limon: Washed, Pache

Molasses, gooseberry, dark chocolate.


Molasses, gooseberry, dark chocolate.

This one is an exciting variety from one of our favourite farms in Guatemala, El Limon. The variety, Pache, is a dwarf Typica variety, which has higher yields and is more disease-resistant than its parent. Beto Reyes and his family are getting great results from it at El Limon, a farm in Palencia, an up-and-coming growing region.

  1. Country: Guatemala 
  2. Region: Palencia 
  3. Farm: El Limon 
  4. Farmer: Guadalupe Alberto Reyes
  5. Altitude: 1,600 m.a.s.l. 
  6. Variety: Pache 
  7. Process: Washed