Ethiopia - Guji Shakiso: Washed, Heirloom

Ethiopia - Guji Shakiso: Washed, Heirloom

Lemonade, black tea, jasmine.


Lemonade, black tea, jasmine.

This coffee comes from near the town of Shakiso, in the Guji zone, which is home to many of the best Ethiopian coffees we've had over the years. Local farmers sell cherries to the mill in Shakiso, where it is processed and sold on. This one was a cupping table find through our exporter, and it's a really classic example of a coffee from this region: expect a tea-like body and lots of citrus.

  1. Country:  Ethiopia
  2. Region:  Guji (Sidamo)
  3. Mill: Shakiso
  4. Elevation: 1850 - 2100 masl
  5. Coffee Variety: Indigenous varieties
  6. Process: Washed

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