El Salvador - San Cayetano: Honey, Catimor

Green apple, molasses, black grape.


Green apple, molasses, black grape.

San Cayetano belongs to a really special coffee farming family: Carmen and Rafael Silva, along with their sons Rodrigo and and Rafael. Between them they are responsible for all aspects of the process, from growing to milling, export and marketing. This level of control results in really special coffees, and we were delighted to try this catimor, an increasingly popular disease-resistant variety.

Country: El Salvador
Farm: San Cayetano
Farmer: Rafael and Carmen Silva Hoff
Annual production: 17,000 kg
Workers: 50 during the peak harvest
Average temperature: 18 °C
Average annual rainfall: 2300 mm
Altitude: 1,500 m.a.s.l.
Processing method: Red Honey
Varietal: Bourbon

For optimal freshness, we roast & post all our coffee to order on the next working day.