Difluid R2 Refractometer Difluid R2 Refractometer Difluid R2 Refractometer

Difluid R2 Refractometer

Precise and affordable next generation refractometer


Precise and affordable next generation refractometer

Precision is paramount in coffee brewing and the Difluid R2 delivers, featuring an impressive ±0.02% accuracy. Harness the power of adjustments and customisable parameters to dial in your brew to perfection. The R2 features a sleek interface that simplifies the brewing process. You can navigate with ease, from selecting your coffee type to fine-tuning extraction settings, all with a user-friendly touch. The R2 is IP67 water resistant, allowing you to simply rinse the unit under running water and wipe dry for next use.

What is a refractometer?

A refractometer is a device that can provide valuable information about the extraction process and the quality of the brewed coffee, it determines the amount of dissolved solids (TDS) based on the refraction of light as it passes through a liquid - essentially, how concentrated the coffee is. Different coffee-to-water ratios, grind sizes, brew times, and other variables can influence the TDS and thus the taste of the coffee. By understanding how these variables impact extraction, you can fine-tune brew methods to achieve consistent and desirable flavour profiles.

Coffee beans contain about 30% soluble substances, once we know the TDS value, we are able to calculate the extraction yield, i.e. how much coffee we removed from the roasted beans. An ideal extraction is between 20-25%.

Technical specs:

  1. Range: 0-30% TDS
  2. Resolution: 0.01%
  3. Accuracy: +- 0.3%
  4. Battery: 430 mAh
  5. Precision: +- 0.02%
  6. Weight :36g
  7. Operating temperature: 5-40°C
  8. 88x36x16mm


  1. CMOS Sensor
  2. Capless Design
  3. Companion App
  4. USB-C
  5. IP67 water-resistant

For more information and FAQs, check out our precision brewing guide.