Aeropress XL

The iconic brewer, now with x2 the volume


The iconic brewer, now with x2 the volume

Bigger Capacity Than Ever Before

The new supersized Aeropress XL is the larger version of everyone’s favourite brewer. The XL allows you to brew larger batches (up to 600ml) into the conveniently included Tritan carafe. Featuring the same portable design and durability as the original Aeropress, it’s perfect for home, office or travel use.

Like the original, the AeroPress XL is a versatile and user-friendly coffee brewer designed to deliver an excellent cup easily. The brilliance of the AeroPress range lies in its innovative design, allowing for complete immersion brewing. This simple approach ensures a seamless blend of hot water and coffee grounds, extracting flavors at the optimal temperature and resulting in a coffee that is clean and packed full of favour.

Endless Brewing Exploration

The AeroPress is synonymous with flexibility. Whether you desire a straightforward cup or enjoy experimenting with a variety of flavors, the AeroPress caters to all preferences. Embrace the standard brewing method for a quick and intense cup, or explore the inverted method for a more controlled extraction, enabling you to customize your coffee to suit your unique palate. With limitless possibilities, the AeroPress empowers you to play the role of your own barista, encouraging experimentation with grind size, brewing time, and water temperature to achieve perfection with every brew.

Compact and On-the-Go

For coffee enthusiasts on the move, the AeroPress XL is the ultimate companion. Its feather-light yet sturdy build makes it an ideal choice for batch brewing while on camping adventures, vacations, or simply for those who appreciate a superb cup of coffee wherever they go.

Effortless Cleaning

Bid farewell to the complexities of traditional coffee makers – cleaning up the AeroPress is a breeze, adding to its allure. The simplicity of its design ensures that maintaining this brewing marvel is as enjoyable as the coffee it produces. Elevate your daily coffee ritual with the AeroPress XL and savor the difference in every sip.

For more information and FAQs, check out our Aeropress XL guide.


  1. AeroPress XL
  2. Carafe 600ml made with Tritan™
  3. 100 x AeroPress XL paper micro-filters
  4. Stirrer, designed to be the perfect length for the AeroPress XL
  5. Measuring scoop