Guatemala - Jocotales: Washed, Peaberry

Brown sugar, prune, red apple.


Brown sugar, prune, red apple.

Jocotales, from the young and ambitious Alex Illescas, is back! This one is a peaberry; these are beans where only one seed grows in the cherry instead of two, resulting in a small round bean. Alex has separated these out from the rest of the crop. Because of their uniformity and size they are a dream to roast, and the resulting coffee is really balanced with a syrupy body.

  • Country: Guatemala
  • Farm: Los Jocotales
  • Farmer: Alex Illescas
  • Region: Antigua, Guatemala
  • Altitude: 1400 m.a.s.l
  • Variety: Peaberry
  • Process: Washed