Bolivia - La Llama: Washed, Yellow Caturra

Milk chocolate, white grape, kiwi.


Milk chocolate, white grape, kiwi.

This farm is owned by the Rodriguez family that are also our Bolivian exporters. Through their farms they have been able to maintain supply of specialty coffee from Bolivia, whilst using them as test sites to show farmers the benefits of growing coffee for the specialty market. Pedro Rodriguez named this farm after Bolivia's national animal - the llama!

  1. Country: Bolivia 
  2. Region: Caranavi 
  3. Farm: La Llama 
  4. Farmer: Pedro Rodriguez 
  5. Altitude: 1650 m.a.s.l. 
  6. Variety: Yellow Caturra 
  7. Process: Washed

For optimal freshness, we roast & post all our coffee to order on the next working day.