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Yemen - Mokha A+: Natural, Heirloom

This is a really special coffee from one of the most historic and interesting, and sadly currently war-torn coffee origins in the world. One of the most ancient histories of coffee production belongs to Yemen, the small peninsular nation that juts into the Red Sea. Since roughly the late 16th century, coffee in Yemen has been produced and processed using traditional methods.

This is a Mocha (or Mokha) in the traditional sense - this is how all Yemen coffee was traditionally traded. The mill buys dried cherries from many different small holders. This means that there are many different varietals (many unique to Yemen) that go into the lot. This type of lot is called a Mocha/Mokha after the name of the country’s traditional main port of export. It was selected based on blind cupping as being notably clean and complex in comparison to other Moka lots, whilst retaining the deep flavours and spiciness typical of the region’s production.

  1. Country: Yemen
  2. Port: Mokha
  3. Altitude: 1700 m.a.s.l
  4. Variety: Heirloom
  5. Process: Natural.