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El Salvador - Alaska: Washed, Bourbon

This coffee was the first one that our coffee buyer Steve got from Ernesto Menéndez, the man behind La Ilusión, Las Brumas and others, back in 2007 through the Cup of Excellence programme. This led to a direct relationship, and although we get a lot of the coffee from Ernesto’s other farms, it’s quite rare that we get our hands on coffee from Alaska so we’re thrilled to have it this year. 

The Alaska farm sits at quite a high altitude on the Santa Ana volcano, close to La Ilusion and Las Brumas on the other side of the mountain. It’s very small, at just over 3 hectares with the entire farm devoted to coffee growing. Bourbon is the main variety grown on the farm. It is then processed at Ernesto’s mill further down the mountain, so the level of processing is as good as any of the coffees you may have tried from La Ilusión, Las Brumas or Los Andes. 

As such, the coffee is very clean and balanced, with the milk chocolate sweetness giving way to a red apple acidity and walnuts in the finish.


Coffee Info

  1. Country:  El Salvador
  2. Region:  Apaneca-Ilamatepec
  3. Farm Name:  Alaska
  4. Farmer: Ernesto Menéndez
  5. Number of Years Partnership: 3
  6. Area:  3.1 hectares
  7. Elevation: 1620 metres
  8. Coffee Variety: Bourbon
  9. Process: Washed