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Costa Rica - Farami Catuai: Red Honey, Red Catuai


We have bought coffee from Juan Luis Fallas and Maria Eugenia Ramirez since 2014 when we first opened the roastery, and the Red Catuai is one of our flagship coffees.

Farami is a farm and micro-mill in the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica. It is made up of inherited land from both Maria and Juan, and they also have expanded slightly this year by buying some neighbouring land. Initially, they were selling their coffee to the local cooperative, which is still very common in Costa Rica. However they were one of the early adopters of the “micro-mill revolution” in the country that has meant farmers can process their own coffee, retaining greater control of the quality and also a greater share of the profit. 

Juan and Maria are extremely environmentally conscious - they are recognised as an ‘Integral Didactic Farm’ by the Ministry of Agriculture, which basically means they approach farming in a holistic way, to the point of being educational to other farmers and citizens. For example, they also have pigs, chickens and cows on the farm, which provide a lot of the fertiliser for the farm as well as fuel for heating and cooking. They are also the first farm in Costa Rica to be awarded the ‘Blue Flag’ for commitments to environmental sustainability. 

  1. Country:  Costa Rica
  2. Region:  Tarrazú
  3. Farm Name:  Farami
  4. Farmers: Juan Luis Fallas & Maria Eugenia Ramirez
  5. Number of Years Partnership: 5
  6. Area:  7 hectares
  7. Elevation: 1700 metres
  8. Coffee Variety: Red Catuai
  9. Process: Red Honey