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Nicaragua - Mama Mina: Washed, Yellow Petite Pacamara

This coffee, produced by the Mierisch family, highlights the kind of sorting and experimentation that defines speciality coffee. The pacamara beans were screened and separated by size, with the smaller beans labelled "petites". Traditionally these beans had been separated and sold to the commodity market. When we found this out, we decided to taste them - they're actually fantastic! We can now buy a higher portion of Mama Mina's crop at specialty prices, increasing the profitability of the farm.

Mama Mina was originally called La Minita before the Mierisch family took over the farm nearly ten years ago. La Minta is also the name of a farm in Costa Rica, worried this would cause confusion, the following year they renamed it to something very special: Finca Mama Mina, affectionately named after Erwin, Stephen, and Eleane's grandmother, Mina McEwan. Mina passed away in 2008 and it was seen as a fitting tribute to this amazing lady who gave so much to the coffee industry.

Mama Mina is surrounded by trees and mountains and you can view the vastness of forest that covers each of the mountain ranges from every view. Flowers have been planted around the farm in an effort to make it the most beautiful farm possible, their perfume is amazing and it's something the Mierish have started to employ on some of their other farms, like Los Miligros. There is a huge sense of pride in the surroundings, and the farm is kept in meticulous condition.

Despite Mama Mina being one of the younger farms the Mierish manage, it produces some of their best coffees; this is partly down to the altitude and soil, which is rich in nutrients, but mostly because of the care and attention that's taken during the picking and processing stages.