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Ethiopia - Ana Sora Guji: Natural, Indigenous Varieties

This coffee represents a few years of work on the part of our green buyer Steve Leighton, and the first direct relationship with coffee producers in Ethiopia. Whilst the cooperative system is really important for coffee in Ethiopia, as coffee buyers it can be very difficult to build and maintain relationships, and to date we have bought coffees through exporters that have the expertise on the ground to source and export coffees from the area. Conversely, Ana Sora is a private farm owned by Israel Degfa, and we have bought coffee from there for the last three years. It’s really exciting to benefit from a solid and long-lasting partnership between buyer and grower and we’re very excited to see how things progress.

It is an unusually large farm for Ethiopia, at 250 hectares, of which 150 is currently used for coffee production. On top of that, it also sits at extremely high altitude near the town of Yirgacheffe, which allows for slower maturation times and brighter, more acidic coffees. Currently all of the coffee is naturally processed, with the cherries dried on raised African beds before being hulled to remove the beans. 

Coffee Info

Country:  Ethiopia

Region:  Guji (Sidamo)

Farm: Ana Sora

Owner: Israel Degfa

Elevation: 1900 - 2350 masl

Area:  250 hectares

Coffee Variety: Indigenous varieties

Processing Type: Natural

Number of years partnership: 1 Year