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El Salvador - El Suncita: Washed, Bourbon

The owner of this farm, El Suncita, which is in a volcanic region about 50kms to the west of the El Salvadoran capital, San Salvador, are married couple Mary and Mauricio Ortiz.  While Mary looks after many of the administrative tasks on the farm, Mauricio uses his skills as an agronomist to select and maintain the coffee plant varietals that work very well on his specific farmland.

In the past their farm was devastated by the onset of leaf rust, which for a time damaged half of their produce. Since then, Mauricio has used some techniques to improve the plant's resistance, by fertilising the soil, managing the shade and using pesticides on individual plants - while always focussing on remaining as organic as possible.

Much of the fertiliser used to strengthen the plants and their roots is produced on the farm, some coming from coffee pulp. About 40-50% of the crops which come from El Suncita go into commercial use, while a growing percentage goes into an ever growing speciality market.

Their daughter and sons are also getting more and more involved in their  business, which is a 16 manzanas plot, on which they now have a beautiful nursery and a small scale pulper - so the future looks bright for this family farm. We met Mauricio and Mary through Alejandro Martinez, our friend at Finca Argentina. We're very happy that we can work with both farms so closely and get access to their beautiful coffees.

  1. Country: El Salvador
  2. Region: El Pasti, Santa Ana
  3. Farm: El Suncita
  4. Farmer: Mary and Mauricio Ortiz
  5. Altitude: 1,200 m.a.s.l.
  6. Variety: Bourbon
  7. Process: Washed