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Costa Rica - La Florida: Yellow Honey, Gesha

La Florida was 3fe's first Gesha variety, we Released this coffee in 2016. Since 2009, an increasing amount of small lots of the variety have fetched as much as $350 per lb, and the variety's unique floral sweetness has become prized the world over. More farmers are starting to experiment with Gesha with occasionally mind blowing results, and this coffee is no exception.This tiny, 20 kilo lot of coffee comes from a farm owned by the Leiva brothers in the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica, called Agropecuaria La Florida. Sitting at 1900 –2100 masl, it is the perfect altitude for the Gesha variety the brothers grow on the farm. The processing of this coffee is described as “yellow honey”, which is essentially a version of the pulped natural process, a process favoured in countries with less access to water. After the fruit has been removed from the bean, rather than washing off the sticky layer of mucilage that is left on, it is possible to leave it on and dry the beans as they are. The amount of that layer that you leave or take off before drying is what gives it the name. Yellow Honey sits somewhere in the middle of the honey processes, and we feel it gives this coffee a very refined, yet slightly more complex profile than if it had been washed, and adds a syrupy texture. An excellent example of a truly exceptional variety.Country: Costa RicaFarm: La FloridaFarm size: 3 HectaresAltitude:1900-2100 m.a.s.l.Varietal: GeshaProcess: Yellow Honey