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Brazil - Fazenda Inglaterra: Natural, Canario & Bourbon

Stephen Hurst is the owner of Fazenda Inglaterra which was an abandoned farm when he purchased it nearly 10 years ago. Near the spa town of Poços de Caldas, the farm has since become known by the locals as 'Inglaterra' which translated mean 'little England', where Stephen is from.

He started from scratch, pruning the few surviving coffee trees and bringing the farm slowly back to life. The farm itself has an elevation of 900 - 1300 metres, and the soil is very rich, being on the slopes of an ancient volcano. 50% of the 10 hectare farm is virgin Mata Atlantica forest, with the other 5 hectares for coffee farming. Stephen insists that as long as he is the owner the 5 hectares will remain as natural forest.

The varietals are Icatu, Acaia, and Catucai, but mostly consists of the Acaia varietal which is very rare. Acaia has popped up in several Cup of Excellence lots in Brazil, it is a hybrid from the Mundo Novo plant and mainly found in Brazil growing 800 meters or above. The fruit is large in size and the colour is predominately red.

The Acaia variety is seldom found outside of Brazil, some have tried to harvest it but results have been varied. It has adapted well in the Brazilian climate and conditions but is susceptible to coffee plant diseases and pests so requires more attention and care. 

  1. Country: Brazil
  2. Region: Minas Gerais
  3. Farm: Fazenda Inglaterra
  4. Farmer: Stephen Hurst
  5. Farm size: 10 Hectares
  6. Altitude: 1,200 m.a.s.l.
  7. Varietal: Canario & Bourbon
  8. Process: Natural