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Bolivia - Villa Tunari: Washed, Typica & Caturra

Villa Turani is a colony in Taypiplaya,18 kilometers away from Caranavi. It is a relatively new union and most of the coffee plants are young, having only been planted 6-8 years ago. The colony recently started working with Agricafe, a company who has been working 25 years with the aim of positioning Bolivian coffee as specialty coffee in the international market. Agricafe's goal is transparency and traceability in every single step of their operations.

Bolivia has some of the most extreme landscapes and climates in the world, these conditions are one of the reasons that Bolivia is such an exciting origin. The farmers in Bolivia are blessed with the necessary ingredients to produce world class coffees: high altitudes, extreme temperature ranges, and an abundance of old-growth varieties. Realising this potential and a shift in focus to quality has been an ongoing process, producing some amazing small lots over the last decade.

The farmers of Turani deliver the fresh coffee cherries picked during the day to the mill every evening, which takes an hour and half driving from Union Tunari to the mill. These procedures are testament to the commitment to quality and standards which we hope you can taste and enjoy in the cup.

  1. Country: Bolivia
  2. Farmer: Various
  3. Region: Taypiplaya - Colony Union Tunari 
  4. Altitude:1500-1650 m.a.s.l. 
  5. Varietal:Caturra and Typica
  6. Process: Washed